How to Overcome Insecurity in Teenagers

How to Overcome Insecurity in Teenagers – Feelings of insecurity or feeling inferior and not confident often make us feel depressed and even feel stressed. Often feeling that we are lacking is one of the pressures that can make us not focus on what is in front of us. Here’s how to overcome insecurity

1. Write Positive Words in Your Journal
When you are feeling insecure, you need positive words to fight the insecurity within yourself. One of the most powerful ways is to read the positive words in your journal aloud or keep repeating them in your heart.

How to Overcome Insecurity in Teenagers

2. Surround yourself with supportive people
Everyone definitely needs friends who can support them when they are not confident. When you start to feel insecure, communicate with your closest friends and ask them to remind you of the positive things you have.

3. Reduce the Use of Social Media
Social media is one of the biggest causes of insecurity. By reducing your use of social media, you become less focused on other people’s lives and don’t compare yourself to others.

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4. Do Positive Things
Find your hobby. When you are busy with activities that you enjoy doing, you have no time to feel insecure. If you don’t know what activities you enjoy, don’t be afraid to try everything.

5. Find Your Strengths
Often, we are too focused on our shortcomings so that we become insecure. Take a look at your strengths that you’ve always considered normal. Socializing well is also an advantage. So, find one advantage that you have considered meaningless and focus on that advantage.

6. Gaining insight and always learning
Cultivate the desire to “want to learn”. Because another factor of insecurity is the lack of insight and knowledge about the latest information. Don’t be shy to ask questions and discuss with more experienced people

7. Learn public speaking
Communication is mandatory for everyone, but if communication is not equipped with good public speaking, of course what we say will not be conveyed properly to others.

Being able to communicate well not only increases self-confidence, but also builds close relationships with many people.