Negative Impact of Social Media for Children

sosial media

Negative Impact of Social Media for Children – In today’s era, social media is increasingly affecting everyone. We can get anything just by opening the internet, social media. Social media is usually used to share photos, find updated information, and more. The development of social media is very fast. Many adults and even small children are addicted to social media. Here are the bad effects of social for teenagers.

1. Cyber ​​Bullying
Hazing, especially among students who use media such as Facebook, has given rise to cyber bullying which has the same depressive consequences as bullying in general.

2. Triggering Crime
Social media can be a ground for predators to commit crimes. Children and even teenagers may not necessarily be able to identify people they know through social media using real or fake identities. It could be that “friends” in social media are groups or people who intend to commit crimes.

3. Pornography
The assumption that says that the internet is synonymous with pornography is not wrong. With the ability to deliver information owned by the internet, pornography is rampant. On the internet there are pornographic and violent images that can lead to an impetus for someone to act criminally.

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4. Bad Communication
The more children are addicted to social media, the more selfish they will be. The ability to interact with other people can also disappear. This is because these children and adolescents have never been in contact with the surrounding community. Knowledge of the intricacies of real-life communication, such as body language and tone of voice, is also reduced.

5. Hate Speech Threats
The use of religion for political purposes, calls for hatred for minorities, to abusive and hateful behavior practices are often present in everyday hands without a filter. If they cannot sort out this amount of information, children and adolescents are vulnerable to provocations of hate speech.

6. Emotional Development
In adolescents, emotional development cannot be separated from their interactions with the social environment. If the social environment that surrounds adolescents is in the form of a “virtual” social environment and not in reality, the emotional development of adolescents also tends to be weak.

7. Physical Development
Too much use of the internet can cause the physical development of adolescents to experience physical decline. For example, visual problems such as eye fatigue, headaches and even blurred vision. In addition to these disorders, social media addiction can also lead to obesity in children and adolescents due to reduced physical activity.

8. Revealing Secrets
Social media is often a place to express what is in the heart. Not only teenagers and children, even adults often don’t realize, social media has actually become a medium for spit out disgrace. Many things should not be part of public information such as private secrets shared by social media account owners.